Trust Guidelines for Public Benefit Funding (PBF) Grants

1. In order for the Trust to demonstrate compliance with Charity Commission requirements, PBF grants must be for specific projects that are primarily focussed on, and give tangible benefit to, the residents of Broadway parish, and must be consistent with the Trust’s objectives.
These are:

a. To encourage high standards of architecture and planning in or affecting the village of Broadway and surrounding area;

b. To educate the public in the geography, history, natural history, and architecture of the area;

c. To encourage and secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of general public amenity, or of historic interest;

d. The provision, maintenance and support of public amenities.

2. Total PBF expenditure in any one year shall not be in excess of the Trust’s budgeted investment fund income, except in exceptional circumstances at the Trustees’ discretion.
No single PBF grant will be in excess of 50% of the Trust’s budgeted annual income from the investment fund except in exceptional circumstances at the Trustees’ discretion.

3. Grants will normally not be made to commercial organisations or to individuals, but only to formally constituted, not for profit organisations.

4. Applications for grants must describe the project for a which a grant is sought, together with any relevant business plan, accounts, timetable and statement of expected benefits as the Trustees may require. A standard form is available and must be used for all applications.

5. Grants are intended for projects where other sources of finance are unavailable or insufficient. Applicants should demonstrate that all efforts to secure alternative finance have been made before applying to the Trust.

6. Successful applications for grants will be confirmed as soon as possible by the Trust, but will normally be paid only on completion of a project.

7. Recipients of grants will be required to report to the Trust at stages during the project and on completion, with confirmation of how the grant has been spent, that any conditions imposed by the Trust have been satisfied, and what benefits have resulted.

8. No applications made within one year of a previous application from the same organisation will be accepted. New applicants will have priority if there are more applications than there are funds available in any one year.

9. Applications for PBF grants will be discussed and agreed by the Trustees who reserve the right to agree or refuse applications at their absolute discretion.

June 2018

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